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With Green Motives, Craftsmen Appeal the Woodworking Community to Repair Power Tools Before Replacing Them

  • Inspired by fellow craftsmen and an environment in the throws of pandemonium, M&M Tool and Machinery and urge others in the power tool community to be more environmentally conscious. Repairing power tools rather that replacing them is a simple and effective way to give back to the environment, and a smart way to be economically responsible.


    Salt Lake City, UT – June 17, 2010 — With our planet in environmental turmoil and the economy not far behind it, more and more people are considering the ramifications of their consumption and the options for leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint. Accordingly, there is now a fresh influx of Green and environmental campaigns earnestly convincing the populous to live smarter and give back to the environment. Because that environment is the foremost factor in the success or failure of the power tool and woodworking communities, craftsmen all over the country have began a Green-living movement of their own. 

    Craftsmen rely heavily on our Earth’s natural resources and as these resources continue to deplete, so do future prospects for many of today’s woodworking community. “Green is the new black,” says Mallory, the self-proclaimed environmental enforcement officer of M&M Tool and Machinery, “it has never been more important to be environmentally conscious, and craftsmen are the perfect niche population to spearhead a movement in the Green direction.”

    All those in the power tool industry know that power tools are an expensive investment, that woodworking is an expensive pastime, and that unlike our favorite cedars, maples, and pines, money does not grow on trees. These days it is crucial that we conserve both. “Repairing your power tools before you replace them is one of the smartest things you can do as a craftsman
    ,” says Mike, a woodworking extraordinaire at M&M Tool and Machinery, “craftsmen can usually repair tools on their own, and refurbishments are a much more affordable option when compared to investing in tool replacements.” Repairing power tools is economically smart, and as these repairs can potentially keep millions of power tools from seeing a landfill each year, repairs are environmentally smart as well. Even small repairs have the ability to drastically reduce carbon output, waste, and consumption; over time, it seems, repairing power tools with replacement parts can make a significant environmental and economic difference.

    Josh of M&M Tool posits that repairs and refurbishments for power tools and machinery might just be the extra push the power tool industry needs to revitalize itself. “We have thousands of Dewalt tool partsPorter-Cable partsMakita parts and many more in our inventory just waiting to revive your power tools,” he says, and because M&M Tool is so firmly behind the Green power tool repair movement, “repair estimates are always fast and free, and our repair costs are low as well.” At M&M, it is believed that in the woodworking community, power tool repairs have a ripple effect that ensures extra money in the pockets of busy craftsmen, a reliable power tool in-hand, and perhaps most importantly, one that ensures work on the agenda.

    It is our obligation as craftsmen and as people to respect the resources that keep us in business,” says Mallory, “if we pollute the Earth into oblivion, there will be nothing left build on or build with; at very least, our Earth and our projects won’t be nearly so beautiful.” Essentially, the Green frame of mind is catching hold of craftsmen everywhere, and at M&M Tool, is has catalyzed a movement to economically repair power tools and promote environmental friendliness. 

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