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Makita XST01M Impact Driver Review

Posted by Mallory Kramer on February 19, 2015

Get Greater Power With Less Noise from the New Makita XST01M Impact Driver, a Brushless 18V Lithium-Ion Oil-Impulse 3-Speed Impact Driver that Will Change the Way You Drive Fastners

Few power tool manufacturers have remained as consistent as Makita Tools. For 100-years, they’ve built exceptional and innovative products, and end users have consistently relied on these power tools to offer solutions to perpetual jobsite issues. Yep, history shows that Makita makes a great power tool, and they’ve done it again with their latest oil-impulse impact driver.

makita-xst01m-oil-impulse-impact-driverWith the new XST01M impact driver, Makita offers industrial communities a real game-changer. For starters, the tool has a brushless motor. This means it can deliver greater power, greater torque and that the motor requires less maintenance to do so. The motor is electronically controlled to run cooler and to optimize battery energy and output. The result is up to 50% longer run-time per charge and an overall longer life-span. There’s no real downside there, and because the tool also features oil-impulse technology to hydraulically lubricate the drive impact mechanism, the tool performs with unparallelled efficiency and dramatically lower noise levels. The XST01M runs stronger, longer, and roughly 30% quieter than a traditional impact driver.

If you were thinking this tool already sounds like a smarty-pants, it gets even better: Makita has also built the tool with a quick-shift mode selector with an automated electronic controller. This downshifts and reduces rotation and impact speed prior to driving each screw to reduce screw breakage, thread stripping and damage to working materials. Three speed power selection additionally offers total control over a huge range of fastening applications (speed selections: 0-1,200- / 0-2,200- / 0-3,200-RPM & 0-1,400- / 0-2,200- / 0-2,700-IPM). To manage all that power, the XST01M also has integrated computer controls to protect against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging.

Because the impact dill is from Makita, you also know that it’s battery and charging system is as smart as the tool’s motor. The driver features a 3-stage LED light gauge that reflects your available battery life, and the battery itself has a built-in chip to “talk” to the charger and it refuels. This controls current, voltage and temperature during the charging process, thus optimizing the battery’s overall life-span. In addition to industry-leading charge-time, the Makita Rapid Optimum Charger also has an integrated fan to keep the battery cool as as it rejuices.

The Makita XST01M impact driver is also designed for compact ergonomics. It’s lightweight (at only 3.2-lbs WITH the battery), and it’s only about 5-inches in length to ensure comfortable control, ease-of-use, and reduced fatigue during expended use. Of course, the tool’s handle also has a rubberized grip for that extra slice of comfort as you work, and an integrated LED light with it’s own dedicated on/off switch brightens up your work-space. The impact driver also has a one-touch hex chuck engineered for faster bit changes. Altogether, the impact driver is a sophisticated power tool that will deliver more powerful results with greater comfort and less noise. What’s not to like about that?